AC Foreign Trade Inc

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ACE Shelter brings together a group dynamic and hard working professional that are dedicated/devoted to providing/satisfying/accommodating all of your

A. Accounting Services.
o General Accounting
o Monthly Financial Statements
o Bank Reconciliation
o Accounts payable: Local purchase orders, invoicing.
o Payroll and H.R

B. Mexican Taxes.
o Federal and State Taxes.
o Social Security Liquidation
o Value Added Tax Declaration
o Any other contribution or local, state or federal tax.

C. Permits and Licenses
o Import permits from the Economic Board (Secretaria de Economia)
o Permits from the Environment Board, Natural Resources and Fisheries (SEMARNAT).
o Sectorial Promotion Programs.
o Rule 8 permits
o Registrater of Foreign Investments
o Any other Federal, State or Local license or permit.
o FM3 Permits non immigration visitors

D. Observance and monitoring of Foreign Trade Obligations
o Maintain up to date and continuously feed the an


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