Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork

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Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork- delivering the best cuts of meat for over 41 years.

Decade after decade of selective breeding has resulted in pork shimmering in rich marbling with intramuscular fat. This also produces a superior quality fatrich in oleic acidthat gives our pork a firm texture and a velvety, irresistible mouth feel. Its about texture as well as flavor. This is pork the way it used to be, the way it should be. We invite you taste the difference.
We are a premier nationwide wholesale pork distributor for restaurants, grocery stores, markets, and more.

Restaurants and Chefs rave about our quality of pork and the tenderness. We ensure an all-natural pork selection with no added preservatives, fillers, artificial ingredients, or hormones.

We reduce the health and environmental problems surrounding our pigs by operating with hand-fed controlled diets, social interactions, and avoiding animal by-products. We produce only the finest cuts to customers around the globe!

We can process any pork product, including but not limited to:

Sausage & Hot Dogs
And Other Premium Cuts

Please contact us today for our wholesale pricing. With Cheshire Pork, you'll be working with the best cuts available to make your customers happy and wanting more.

Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork
Phone: (866) 509-9003
Email: info@cheshirepork.com
Web: www.cheshirepork.com


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