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Sales and installation of artificial turf products including: backyard putting greens, landscape grass, play areas, dog run areas and athletic fields.

We offer complete sales and installation services for all synthetic turf products. We can also provide design ideas for areas if need be. Our vast line of products allows us to offer the correct product for any type of application.

Applications for our products include:

*backyard putting greens
*landscape grass for areas where growing natural grass has proven to be a waste of time and money
*playground turf or play area turf where we can add extra padding if necessary to provide certain fall height protection
*dog run and pet kennel turf for private homeowners or doggy day care facilities
*indoor or outdoor sports facilities
*commercial facilities that are looking to lower landscape maintenance costs.

Our products are also great for the environment because there is no watering required, no fertilizers needed, and there is no need for mowing so the exhaust from the lawn mowers is greatly reduced.

All of our products come with a warranty of at least 8 years. Some come with warranties of up to 15 years.
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